Tidying Up How We Interpret The Bible

Tidying Up How We Interpret The Bible

If you do not read the Bible, you place yourself at the mercy of those who do.  The discipline of wrestling with scripture frees you from people who want to impose their reading on you.

A prominent pastor here in Dallas thinks we should build a wall at our southern border.  He told the news the Bible says heaven has a wall around it.  That’s Revelation 21:12.  He didn’t mention there are twelve gates in that wall that never close.  That’s Revelation 21:25.  If we want to build a wall at the border like the one in the Bible, we’ll have to put big holes in it every few miles.


Below are some practical exercises you could use to bring joy into your heart and make the Bible a greater part of your life...

Step 1: Share a verse

Pick a favorite Bible verse and share it on one or more of your social networks. Say a little bit about why it's meaningful to you.

Step 2: Share a verse with someone

Call a friend or relative and share with them a Bible verse you think might make their day brighter. Say a prayer together.

Step 3: Read the Bible together

Make an appointment to meet with a friend and spend some time reading the Bible together. Pick out a chapter, maybe the chapter your favorite verse is in, read it together and talk about how you could apply the lesson of that passage this week.