Tidying Up Our Misconceptions About God

Tidying Up Our Misconceptions About God

Many of us Christians have collected a lot of beliefs we’ve been taught and told and even repeated…this season of Lent is a time to sort through what we believe or have been told for so long and decide: which ideas about the faith do we need to keep and which do we need to throw out? This week we are tidying up our clothes or the things we put on God.

Our spiritual house is packed full with all kinds of ideas and doctrines and rules about who God is and who we are and it can be suffocating really, all the stuff, it can be overwhelming to even think about sorting through it, so oftentimes we don’t, we just ignore it and even add more stuff to it because why not?

The deeper truth is that if we don’t go through the clutter in our spiritual homes, well it’s the same truth about what happens if we don’t go through the clutter in our physical homes--it gets in the way--it gets in the way of our life and relationships.


Below are some practical, creative and challenging steps you could take this week toward bringing joy to your heart and creating space in your life:

Step 1: Create A Reminder
Put a Post-it note in your wallet/purse that says 'Do I really need this?' If you don't, put it down and put the money you were going to spend to better use.

Step 2: Make Purchases More Meaningful
If you're buying something new, make the purchase more meaningful. What it's going to replace? What are you going to do with the old item instead? Who could it be of use to?

Step 3: Assess Your Stuff
What do you really need? What can you give away? Are there hoarding habits that need to be changed? You can give to the clothing drive at the church or your local Goodwill. Perhaps considering calling Network of Community Ministries to volunteer at their clothing closet.