The AUMC Justice Team

The United Methodist Church has a long history of concern for social justice. Wesley and the early Methodists expressed their opposition to societal ills such as slavery, smuggling, inhumane prison conditions, alcohol abuse, and child labor.

We believe every person is created in the image of God and therefore is inherently worthy of dignity, care, and respect.

We believe it is our responsibility to act on our faith, to be doers as well as believers, to love our neighbor as ourselves.

Five Ways You Can Take Action Today to be a part of the AUMC Justice Team

  1. Receive brief monthly Justice Team emails with information about issues you are passionate about, and how AUMC is responding.

  2. Encourage member voter registration so our congregants will be represented. Become registered to vote, and sign pledge to vote.

  3. The Faith in Texas RAN (rapid attention network). Receive RAN texts and respond within 24-48 hours by email or phone call to legislators to voice our opinion on upcoming legislation nearing a vote. Involves 5 minute phone call.

  4. Attend Town Hall or other meetings with legislators to present our faith-based views as opportunities arise. Fifteen minute to hour-long meetings.

  5. Faith in Texas Lobby Day in Austin - meet personally with legislators and their aids to present our faith-based views in conjunction with Faith In Texas staff. One day, once a year.

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Justice Partnerships


Faith In Texas

Faith in Texas trains teams of lay leaders in local churches, mosques and synagogues, serving low and moderate-income people. These Justice Teams identify systemic problems that affect their community, and move entire congregations to action through powerful policy campaigns.

In our divided state, Faith in Texas creates space for (1) Empathy, (2) Storytelling, (3) Shared action across the boundaries of race, religion, and economics.

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