The Permission And The Power

You may say: cure the sick? But I'm not a doctor. Raise the dead? Cleanse the lepers? That sounds a little out of my league. Well maybe your marriage is sick. You have the power to work on healing your marriage right now. Maybe your friend is depressed. You have the power to reach out to her right now. Maybe some dream you have has died and you feel like the life has just been kicked out of you. You have the power to start again, to make something new. You are the committee. You have what you need within you already to cure the sick, to raise the dead. 

You may hear that phrase 'cast out demons' and think shoot that is for some Pentecostal church or something and sure maybe so, but also this: Racism is a demon that needs to be cast out of our society for good. Sexism needs to be cast out. Homophobia needs to be cast out. 

And we can sit around, literally sit around, and scroll and troll on Facebook and say: oh things should be different, and if only the powers that be would change things...No.  You have the power to change things.