Grace and Goads

When our will is not aligned with God's will, when we are letting our ego drive and direct us instead of God, when we get on the fast lane to success and set aside God's purposes for our lives, we are goaded, we are prodded, we are nudged in the right direction...God is constantly and consistently trying to help us to go the right way but God doesn't force us to go...we can resist can kick against the goads. 

When you say yes to Jesus, yes to following him, something mystical happens, you feel this divine energy as close to you as your deepest breath, you experience for the first time your true feel connected to the power in you which you always sensed was there but now you know for sure, you feel; when you claim the Christ in you, you feel the peace that passes all understanding and you know in your gut that you are part of something so much bigger than you and it is so good, and so right.