Eager To Give

Talk about what money you have, learn about where it is and where it is, your 401ks and your IRAs, and your Roth IRAs, and your debt, and track your spending and your saving, because if you don't each know what you have and where you are spending it and why, if you don't talk about it, money will be your master, instead of your servant. 

Money will possess you--I am being intentional with that weighty word--Money has this incredibly power, and if you don't think about it and talk about it, you'll argue about it, you'll fight about it, it will come between you, it will rule over you, yes your relationship with money, your attachment to money, can take over your marriage, it can take over your life.

God knows the power money can have in our lives, I think this is why Jesus talks so much about money, teaches about money, invites us to see money in a different way: God knows we human beings struggle with consumerism.