Tidying Up The Tomb

Jesus has tidied up death for us.

He hasn’t discarded it, death is still there, but what he has done is make it possible for us to see it clearly, to know its purpose, to know death is not something to dread, or something to fear.

Because he has overcome death, he has overcome the death-dealing things of this world...and so death no longer fills the space of our lives, it no longer clutters our vision or our thinking and being in this world, Jesus has tidied it up, he's made a path through it for us so that we can go from life through death to life again just like he did.

life – death – life

Jesus shows us this path of life, that in this cycle of life, death, and life all things start in life and all things end in life--and like him we start in God and end in God; death is just part of the journey, death is just part of our aliveness.  

So that we don't have to run away from the hard things anymore, we can face the tombs in our lives, the tombs in our world with confidence knowing that like Jesus, will get through it, knowing that here is this path of loss and renewal that we go through throughout our lives that helps us to grow and to heal and to become more and more who we were made to be.