Think Theologically

The book of Job is mostly Job questioning God and his friends telling him to settle for their answers.  Job wants to talk to God. And after they go around and around long enough, God appears and talks to Job.  God’s words to Job are difficult. God tells Job his idea of God is too small. God’s power is far greater and God’s ways are more mysterious than anything Job could imagine.  It’s presumptuous to imagine you know what God is thinking.  

And just when it looks like Job has been put in his place and that asking questions of God is arrogant and useless, God turns to Job’s friends and says, “ . . . You have not spoken of me what it right, as my servant Job has done.”

God is bigger, higher, deeper, more powerful, more mysterious than anything you can imagine.  Some will tell you that’s why you shouldn’t question God. I’m saying that’s why you should. God is big enough, high enough, deep enough, powerful enough, and mysterious enough to handle your questions.  And the Bible is good enough to guide you as you encounter that God.

God is big enough to trust with your questions. Your answers will only be as good as your questions. And you get what you settle for - So work out your salvation, With fear and trembling.