Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

I have had several folks come to me in recent months and say to me something like: I just don’t think I can change my mind about gays getting married in the church. I’m just…fill in the blank: I’m too old to change my mind or I’m too influenced by my evangelical childhood or I’m too concerned about breaking the rules, I’m just too much of a rule-follower…if that sounds like you and you just don’t think you can come around on this issue, if it just feels like too much to ask.

This story about Peter is for you, it is for any of us who have ever felt challenged to change our mind about something and wonder if it is possible for us to change.

Look, if you think you can’t change your mind, scripture makes two things clear: first, yes you can…you can change your mind, yes with God’s grace we have the capacity to change our minds, and second: the faithful God-fearing thing to do is to not be the one to exclude someone from the table because in the words of apostle Peter: Who are you to hinder God?

Watch the video shown in the service…