myAUMC is Arapaho United Methodist Church's online church directory.  We partnered with a company called Fellowship One and joined thousands of other churches who are bringing their congregations closer together online.  myAUMC works best when everyone is registered and it will speed up  your process when checking your kids in at Sunday school and VBS or if you would like to register for an event or class.  


How To Register for Myaumc

Are you new or just ready to register for the first time?  Click the button below for a tutorial that will walk you through step-by-step instructions to get you registered.  

Start your registration here (click here) 

Updating/Changing Your Profile Picture on myaumc

We want to see your face!  Use this tutorial to learn how to update your profile with your picture.  Then jump down to the next tutorial to make sure you are added to our Church Directory.


adjusting your privacy settings / join the church directory

It is important that you adjust your privacy settings.  We would also love for you to opt in to our church directory.  This tutorial shows you how to do that.  

Specified Role Tutorials


Group Leaders: Taking attendance 

Are you teaching a Sunday School class or leading a small group that is taking attendance?  Click the button below for a tutorial on taking attendance via a computer or a mobile device.