A Lenten Giving Calendar

Each year the missions team assembles a giving calendar which allows parents and children to participate in a unique Lent practice. Following the daily calendar, the participants collect items (money, food items, health care items, or school supplies) and on Palm Sunday return their collections to the church. This year our beneficiaries are Dobie Primary and Network. 


About The Calendar: 

The Lenten Calendar is a way for parents and children to experience giving to others during the Lenten season. Christ teaches this to us as he gave his life for us so in turn we must teach our children to give as well. Each day during lent (Feb 14 through March 25th) there is either money, an item of food, a health care item (for Network) or a school supply (for Dobie) which is collected and brought back to the Church on Palm Sunday, March 25th.

After Palm Sunday there are bible lessons for each day to read and discuss with your child concerning Easter Sunday and what Christ gave to us. Grace, Peace, and Love for one another. There is a shopping list so you can see if you have the items prior to the start so you and your child can experience the giving of love to others.