A Letter from a Mission Trip Homeowner

One of our mission trip homeowners gave us this letter, which I am passing on to you all...

To my volunteer family for the week of June 26-30th,
This comes as a “Thank you” for all you have done to make me whole again. It is a blessing to see my home coming together and the joy of anticipation to know that in the very near future that I’ll be in my home. Although you all have helped me tremendously – the most rewarding of all is getting to meet all of you. All of you have brought joy into my life, therefore I cannot express the appreciation and the gratitude I hold for each of you. It is without a doubt that all of you have been a big help and a blessing to me and my family. My prayers will always be with you all included. 
It is only through the grace of God that he brought you all into my life and for this I’m eternally grateful.
Once again, thanks for all you have done to help us. 
May the grace of God continue to shine on each and every one of you.
Every one of you have now become a part of my extended family – so please keep in touch.

[She included her mailing address, which I will gladly provide upon request.]

Lucille Newman