Sunday School

All children are invited to participate in Sunday School at AUMC. We boldly affirm their sacredness while equipping them with the language and tools needed for their faith journey. We use the Deep Blue curriculum from Cokesbury. All-class gathering provides an opportunity for children to review what they learn at classroom and interact with one another by sharing their thoughts and supporting through prayers.

  • Classroom Session (9:45am - 10:25am)

    2 - 4 years old: Room #16

    Kindergarten - 1st grade: Room #35

    2nd grade - 4th grade: Room #33

  • All-Class Gathering (10:25am - 10:45am)

    Fireplace Room (#20A)

During Summer (June 9 - August 18), Sunday school classes meet in this location:

  • 2 years old - Kindergarten: Room #16

  • Elementary School Kids (1st - 6th grade): Room #33

    Kids pick-up location (10:45am): Fireplace Room (#20A)

Childhood experience is one of critical influence to their spiritual journey and their identity as God’s loving creation. All children are beautifully created and blessed just as they are. In all our teaching and guidance, we nurture all children with love and care that God shows us.