People are not born Christians, we are shaped or formed by outside forces. Our families, worship, Christian community, Scripture, Prayer, and God’s Holy Spirit are only a few of the examples that form us as Christians. The word “Confirmation” literally means “to make firm.” In our Christian faith, confirmation is the time and place where we acknowledge that a child has reached the age when he or she can begin to assume responsibility for his or her own faith. Children enroll into the confirmation class at AUMC. Our fifth and sixth graders are a part of the Route 56 class that meets in Room 32.

How Long is Confirmation?
Because we are asking the youth to make a profession of faith, we want to be sure they are equipped to make that decision. Confirmation is a two-year class that takes a break in the summer.

What do You Do in Confirmation Class?
We recognize that faith is an ongoing journey, exploration and discovery. During the Confirmation process, your child will journey with church leaders, peers and other Christian disciples of our congregation in exploring the most important questions of his or her life. Who is God? What is my relationship to God? How does Got fit into my life? How do I fit into God’s life? What do I believe? Why do I believe? What does being Methodist mean? It is our prayer that during this Confirmation class your youth will find answers that will make them confident in making their own profession of faith and lead him or her into a life of Christian discipleship.  


For more information contact David Finley, Director of Youth Ministries, at 972-231-1005 or