960 Sandwiches at the Austin Street Center

A few times a year volunteers from out church prepare food and serve the residents at Austin Street Center. Early Sunday morning on April 22nd, our 2018 Confirmation Class along with a few parents, the class leaders (Brandi Manes, Laura Hughes) in addition to regular Austin Street volunteers Jennifer and Lyn Waters headed down to serve sandwiches, fruit, and other snacks to the homeless in Downtown Dallas. 

Due to a scheduling mix-up we needed to serve two weekends in a row. So on Saturday, April 28, about 20 people came and made an additional 480 sandwiches. Paired with other food supplies we were able to serve the shelter again. That means we made and served 960 sandwiches plus other food items as a congregation! 

Our next service trip is July 29th. Keep an eye out for ways for you to get involved with the Austin Street Center.