Raising Race Conscious Children

We often avoid talking about race with our children but, whether we like it or not, children notice similarities and differences between people. When we are silent, they are left to draw their own conclusions about what “different” means. Without coaching or support, their conclusions often reflect and reinforce biases. Fortunately – when we are intentional – we can impact the ways that our children see, categorize, and make meaning about race. We will meet together at the church, share a simple supper and participate in a webinar about raising race conscious children.

In this workshop/webinar, you will:

--Develop confidence to talk about race with young children.
--Practice various strategies to proactively talk about race with young children.
--Strengthen children’s ability to become a change-maker.

Supper and childcare will be provided. Please RSVP as soon as you can to schrader.jill@gmail.com.